The Corruption of a Writer’s Life: Billy Wilder’s Films About Writers

Photo Credit: The young writer, 1958, on aTriumph Perfekt typewriter, manufactured by Trimph-Werke in Nuremberg, German: pellethepoet/Flickr/CC BY 2.0 ***Some spoilers*** Like many of my blog post ideas, this one began as the germ from an article I read and evolved through research. As a writer, of course I am always interested in the way … Continue reading The Corruption of a Writer’s Life: Billy Wilder’s Films About Writers


Creative Limitations

Photo Credit: Book, phone, and computer in chains, created and uploaded on 24 January 2015 by stevepb: stevepb/Pixabay/CC0 1.0 “I had to let go … then come back to the [book] understanding the new limitations as creative challenges.” (Tea, par. 4) I came across an interview with West Coast writer Michelle Tea quite some time … Continue reading Creative Limitations

Unlikely Pairings: Grotesque Domestic Fiction

  Not exactly the Mom and Dad you would picture for the traditional (and fabled) nuclear family, is it? Photo Credit: A Grotesque Couple: Old Woman with an Elaborate Headdress and Old Man with Large Ears and Lacking a Chin, 1491 or 93 – 1570, Giovanni Francesco Melzi, pen and brown ink, Metropolitan Museum of … Continue reading Unlikely Pairings: Grotesque Domestic Fiction


Wait out Winter Giveaway!

~~~~~~~~~ ***PLEASE READ FIRST!!!*** If you click on the giveaway link and there is nowhere to enter your email address, DO NOT PANIC!!! Per the giveaway organizers: If you came through Facebook or logged in on Rafflecopter it automatically grabs your email address. You can click the little toggle in the upper right where it’ll … Continue reading Wait out Winter Giveaway!