Poetic License

Photo Credit: Truman Capote in 1980 a few years before his death, when all of his society friends had forsaken him for his poetic license in Answered Prayers. Photo taken by Jack Mitchell, 1980: Nesnad/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY SA 4.0 “‘The artist is a dangerous person because he’s out of control… He’s controlled only by his art.’” (Truman … Continue reading Poetic License

Artistic Statements

  Photo Credit: Suffragette procession, 1911, uploaded November 10, 205 by LSE Library: LSE Library/Flickr/No known copyright restrictions Photo Credit: An environmental protest painting. The painting takes the famous picture of Grant Wood’s American Gothic (symbolic of the rural farmer) and gives it a background of the giant gas companies abuse of the environment to … Continue reading Artistic Statements

April Newsletter Giveaway!

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